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Gardens. Period.

Now, I don’t know what it’s like for the rest of you, but as soon as I start feeling like I want to simultaneously cry and kill someone, I know that I have about 3 days left before the Red Thunder arrives.  I only mention that right now because I am definitely feeling a raging…
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Unimportant Things, Like Showers

It is definitely 3:33 in the afternoon. Halfway to hell. Did you know that showers are a relatively novel idea? For a long time, the only people who were found putting themselves under running water were mountain men and witches. I suppose that I justify myself, as I have not yet brushed my teeth or…
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The Other Side of the Fruit Roll-Up

As we were driving back from my parents’ house in Coos Bay, I got a couple of fruit roll-ups for my family.  Fruit roll-ups are amazing in that they have almost as many flavors as Jelly Bellies nowadays. Abigail picked hers out, and I picked a few out for me.  As soon as we got…
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