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The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

I procrastin ate. As a writer, It’s important to procrastinate. In fact, I don’t trust any writer without a good, strong dose of the stuff. Who really wants to sit down and fully flesh out a whole story, outline, or chapter in one sitting?  No one sentient.  So the...

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The 10 Best Stephen King Books That You Probably Haven’t Read

As an avid SK fan, I often read random articles that are related to him and his work. I recently read the Rolling Stone interview he gave where he touted his upcoming book “Revival,” and highlighted his personal favorite work, “Lisey’s Story.”  He said: That one felt like an important book to me because it was about […]


15 Terrifying Books You Can Finish By Halloween

Why just watch a scary Halloween story when you can BE in one? There is nothing more truly frightening than curling up with a book in a darkened room and hoping that your mind doesn’t create a monster. Since we both know how busy you are, I picked some deliciously horrible books that you can finish […]


8 Animals That Eat Their Young: What Nature Can Teach You About Parenthood.

Warning: It’s possible that SOME of the “research” in this article may not be entirely correct. All I remember is eating a bunch of chocolate and talking to a lot of random people. I’ve blocked most of it out. Also, I do NOT condone child-eating, unless they’re free-ranch, hormone-free, organic children. Just FYI.  For centuries, science has […]


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