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The Follower Rap – Willow Dawn Becker Unleashed!

  A couple of weeks ago, I looked at my Facebook author page and realized that I had close to 500 followers. Being a number-loving kind of gal, I figured that I would turn the upcoming 500 into a real event. So, I decided that I would issue a challenge. It was a fun challenge…
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Carolina Drama – 10 Secrets of Good Microfiction, Courtesy of the Raconteurs

I have a thing for Jack White. It’s really not fair to start this post without being 100% honest about that. And, although there are a thousand fantastic songs that tell stories- Carrying Cathy, by Ben Folds Five, Me and Bobby McGee, by Janis Joplin, Ode to Billie Joe, by Bobbie Gentry, Lola, by the…
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The Not-So-Miserable

As many of you know, I grew up on stage. In fact, I was literally formed because of musical theater. That might be too much deep doctrine for you to handle, but it’s the truth. If it wasn’t for one very ill-fated (well-fated? We’ll never know for sure) production of The Magic Flute, it’s likely…
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Music People

Music people are addicts of the worst sort. They hear their drug everywhere and it annoys everyone around them ceaselessly. These are the people who can’t be left alone with a piano. I am a music person. A singer, to be exact. I’ve been singing since before I could speak. And yet, I didn’t realize…
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Addiction to Spotlights

I don’t believe I have had such a hard time writing anything in my whole life. Of course, you blog readers are very special to me. I feel like we have already come such a long way together. Me, telling you all the weird crap that comes into my head. You, reading it and then…
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