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The View from the Ledge – 250 Word Fiction

    The softness of the snow drew her out the window. Flakes floating like feathers from a down pillow. It murmured: Come, Patricia. Come out where it’s safe.  Mountain wind swept against her. She shivered. Wavered. At her back, the house ached. Rebecca and Dad had screamed all their secrets to the walls tonight, loud…
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The Champion: 100-Word Fiction

  Joss cradled the stiff-brimmed hat, embroidered with a gold and ruby stallion. Champion. The television girl’s brilliant green eyes bored into him. His 19-year-old knees, scarred and reset, quavered in her spotlight. “Nice hat. Worth it?” He clutched the brim: a drowning man grasping a rescue line. “Yes, ma’am.” Shame stole his words. No prize,…
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