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The 10 Best Stephen King Books That You Probably Haven’t Read

  As an avid SK fan, I often read random articles that are related to him and his work. I recently read the Rolling Stone interview he gave where he touted his upcoming book “Revival,” and highlighted his personal favorite work, “Lisey’s Story.”  He said: That one felt like an important book to me because…
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15 Terrifying Books You Can Finish By Halloween

Why just watch a scary Halloween story when you can BE in one? There is nothing more truly frightening than curling up with a book in a darkened room and hoping that your mind doesn’t create a monster. Since we both know how busy you are, I picked some deliciously horrible books that you can finish…
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90 Scary Movies That Aren’t Rated R

I just realized that I have done you a disservice. As a fellow LDS-lady, I don’t usually watch Rated-R movies because I’m not supposed to. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to get into the Halloween spirit and watch something really scary during the month of October. I have one of the best music…
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Night Gallery – The 15 Episodes You Should Watch This Halloween

I didn’t realize how cool Night Gallery was until it showed up on Hulu+ about 4 years ago. Needless to say, I remembered the name drop in So I Married An Axe Murderer and I decided that, if earwigs that laid babies in you brain were involved, I should probably be there too. I was not…
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5 Scary Fairy Tales to Never Tell Your Children

  Werewolves, murderers, water nixies and the devil himself are just a few of the horrors that Grimm collected in their vast story search of the early 1600’s. Scary fairy tales have lived in the minds of creepy Omas and Opas for hundreds of years, just waiting for fresh, young ears to infect. While some…
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