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5 Things I Shouldn’t Be Thankful For

  It is incredibly easy to remember all the hardships that happened over the last year. The loss of job, the loss of dog, the loss of my no-pants writing gig. It’s easy to count the losses and grief. I think those things stick in our craw because they are the times that we learned…
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Teacher Pay: Education’s Deplorable Word

It’s cliche to say that teachers aren’t appreciated. It’s barely worth mentioning that teachers promise to keep students safe, undergo thousands of hours of training, and manage hundreds of students each day – both educationally and physically. But, as requirements to be a good teacher escalate every year, administrative support and investment to hire excellent…
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Stop Setting Yourself on Fire! 10 Ways to Avoid First-Year Teacher Burnout

As we move into the school year towards what I call, “The Dead Zone of March,” teachers start to get a little…grumpy. It’s still a few months from the end of the year, there are few holiday days to take off the edge, and you’ve run out of ideas for your students who are just…
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Middle School Sucks

  I’m gonna guess that if you’re reading my blog, you are no longer in middle school. Or, if you are, you have somehow hijacked your parent’s computer and are frantically trying to Google “How to delete browser history.” Good luck with that. Middle school is awful. For most of my life, I have believed…
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How to Survive the First Week of Teaching High School English – Or Die Trying

  The crazy part about being a SAH mom is that I no longer have to deal with the ramp-up and emotional explosion that is THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Of course, I am buying school supplies (for my own child – novelty!) Still, I see all the half-joking status updates by my teaching friends…
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