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There’s a long-standing belief that science fiction and fantasy stories aren’t as good as purely literary fare. We want you to prove that mindset wrong (not just wrong, but a steaming pile of griffin dung wrong) with every story you submit. It’s almost like we’re saying, “I do not bite my thumb at you, literary snobs, but I do bite my thumb,” but in a completely polite and non-confrontational way. Basically, we want imaginative stories that are well written, but not full of supercilious floridity.

Open Projects

Book of Suburban Monsters

Weird Little Worlds Press is looking for contributors to its inaugural Kickstarter science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthology. 

Submission Details

What monsters lurk in the corners of our suburban and urban worlds? Consider every way possible of interpreting this question. Perhaps there are stories to be told about the mundane tasks of monsters going wrong, or the monstrosities that hide inside the “normal” people we meet every day. Who are the 21st-century monsters, what are their powers, and what are their weaknesses? 

We are looking for innovative, creative, funny, and creepy worlds where we can see ourselves in the characters you present to play out your scenes. 

What we want: 

  • Something creative and fresh
  • Monster tropes that are turned inside out and upside down
  • Funny, scary, and/or plotty 
  • Big stories that are told in a small way
  • Crisp writing with all the fat cut away
  • Stories with an urban or suburban tone
  • Diverse voices of all backgrounds, nationalities, gender identifications, sexual orientations, races, religions, and cultures

What we don’t want: 

  • Anything that reminds us of “Bright” or “Onward”
  • Fan fiction
  • Previously published stories
  • Boring monsters doing boring stuff
  • Excessive gore, sex, or swearing (we have a soft PG-13 bent, so we don’t HATE it, but it has to be pretty pertinent and defensible)
  • A narrative-disguised soap box — we aren’t your platform for preaching ANYTHING
  • Anything unedited. At least run it by another set of eyes before you send it.  



Hard Limit


.08 per word


April 15, 2021