MOTHER Gets Big TikTok Love with 615k Views

January 20, 2023

Mother: Tales of Love and Terror is one of the most compelling anthologies of 2022, being lauded by both critics and readers as a favorite for short story readers. Last week, TikTok took this positive feedback to a new level, with @ScaryBookRecs sharing an unsolicited video review that reached more than 600,000 viewers.


@scarybookrecs Best horror short stories of 2022 🪓#horrortok #horrorbooktok #booktok #fyp ♬ Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

Maybe it was the catchy music or the fantastic review, but TikTokers all over the world quickly responded positively, sharing and liking the video more than 30,000 times. Not only was this an absolute Godsend for the readership of this awesome book (co-edited by Willow Dawn Becker and Christi Nogle), but it quickly ballooned into the most-viewed video for @ScaryBookRecs as well, by three times over.

Most-Viewed Videos from @ScaryBookRecs on TikTok

The BookTok and HorrorBookTok hashtags were alight with the review, being shared more than 600 times, favorited 30k times, and viewed more than 615k times.

The anthology clearly appeals to many readers, and for good reason. The incredible review (along with the book’s artwork, concept, and fantastic writing) have made MOTHER the most successful book in the Weird Little Worlds library. With excellent stories that have already been included in the Bram Stoker Award® anthology reading list such as R. Leigh Hennig’s terrifying “Here in the Cellar,” the book is paving the way for the company to publish more horror titles in 2023.

Grab a copy of Mother: Tales of Love and Terror.

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