In Pursuit of Magic: A Guide to Publishing Your Book and Making it Soar


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Do you have a book inside you but no idea how to get it out? Are you struggling to fund your writing? Do you need practical information on how to choose the right paper stock, printers, and formatting technologies within your budget? This is the perfect guidebook for you! With advice, links, images, walkthroughs, and tutorials from professionals in the small press and independent publishing fields, this book will help you follow your dream of being a published author.

Table of Contents:

  • Forward: Why Sell Your Own Books?
  • Chapter 1: The Balloon Principle – Rising Through the Crap-o-sphere to the Top of the TBR Pile
  • Chapter 2: Editing Essentials: 10 Things to Do So You Don’t Die Young
  • Chapter 3: Telling Your Story…Again. Descriptions, Blurbs, Synopsis, and Pitches
  • Chapter 4: Formally and Informally Formatting For Fun
  • Chapter 5: Covering it Up: The 5 Rules and Tools for Creating Great Book Covers
  • Chapter 6: Location, Location, Location: Smarter Distribution
  • Chapter 7: Brand New You: Author Branding
  • Chapter 8: Getting to Know You: Author Websites
  • Chapter 9: Before You Launch: The 15-Point Step-By-Step Checklist to Prep for Launch Day
  • Chapter 10: Costs and Benefits: A Cost-Analysis Workbook Exercise
  • Chapter 11: Crowdfunding the Dream
  • Chapter 12: Advertising for Smarties: The Go-To Arsenal for Selling Books Fast


Preorders open November 25th. Book launches December 15th.