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Life is an adventure. Share your story.

There is nothing as powerful and awesome as a great story told well. We are looking for the most exciting, fantastic, and awe-inspiring tales to add to our publishing library. If you have something wonderful that illuminates, surprises, and scares us, we want it.

What we want

Speculative fiction. WLW Press wants sci-fi, fantasy, horror, supernatural, steampunk, alternate history, steampunk, etc.

Non-fiction adventure and survival stories. We are interested in acquiring true stories of adventure and intrigue. 

Something fresh. A new idea, a new angle. . . a new voice! Give us your favorite fairy tale as told by the protagonist’s landlord. Give us your science fiction story from the perspective of a homeless android. We want to have exciting experiences with you and your characters. Give us something we don’t expect. 

Something of worth. Illumination and change are core values of Weird Little Worlds. We are particularly looking for stories that build bridges, expand our knowledge and compassion, and motivate us towards actions that improve the world and how we relate to it. 

What we don’t want

Literary fiction, romance, or true crime. Although we love stories that are told remarkably, we are not interested in purely literary fiction, romance novels, or true crime. 

Excessive language, gore, and sex. We are a PG-13 kind of publishing company, with room for a well-placed f-word every now and then. And while we love a good head falling off scene as much as the next person, there is a point where gore becomes gratuitous. Same with language and sex. If it’s necessary, then do it. If not, it’s not for us. 

Rehashed tropes, plotlines, and characters. Take a good look at The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Tropes and The Grand List of Overused Fantasy Tropes. And if it’s something Stephen King has already written, don’t try to write it again, horror friends. 

Poorly finished work. While we hope it’s not necessary to state, we are not interested in your first-draft NaNo novel. Unless it’s been edited at least twice and gone in front of at least one person who is not your mom, please keep working it before you send.


Please submit in standard Shunn Format. You can find a good example here.

Our short story submissions are blind. Do not put your name on a short story submission or it will be disqualified outright.

Please proofread your work before you send it. 

What we pay

Writers are valuable. While each of our publication opportunities pay different rates, our highest goal is to develop a business that provides excellent pay for excellent work.

Rates: We are still working out the quirks on payments, royalties, etc. Rest assured, “exposure” is not a viable currency for our business.