I Want to Thank the Academy…

I Want to Thank the Academy…


Guess what?! That amazing, talented, and nice-smelling Amy Good nominated me for an award. ME!! Now, I just have to find all that gold bullion that she requested…

Actually, I’m not paying her. In fact, she nominated me for The Most Versatile Blogger award without any kind of coercion whatsoever. This is a huge honor for me, since I assumed the only people who read my blog were Russians with a penchant for pictures of Ranch Dressing. Now that I know at least one other person is reading, I might try to write something less offensive.

But, probably not.

So, here are the rules of the award:

1) Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Present 10-15 deserving bloggers with an award. Link your nominees in the post and let them know they have been nominated.

3) Post seven interesting facts about yourself.

Here it goes, Willow-style…

Who is Amy Good?

Amy Good is the fantastic humanoid who submitted my name for this award. Many of you may know her as “Friday Phrases Goddess” or “Queen of Twitter Nice People.” I just know her as “The lady that I stalk from 8am to 9:35pm.” She is truly one of the most wonderfully talented people on Twitter, with a real love for people and a desire to see them grow. You can check out her online book, “Rooted,” on her website, along with some of her fantastic short fiction.

Who Are Some Really Kickass Bloggers That Will Change My Life?

Boy! I’m really glad that you asked me that question. It’s likely that I’m about to tell you some people that you already know, so don’t get all squinchy with me. These are some of my favorite bloggers of all time, keeping in mind that we are talking about versatility. If you start reading these people, not only will you get your own unicorn*, but you’ll also become better person.  (*Unicorn not available in all states)

As a side note, all of these individuals have made it onto my super-secret elite list called, “I’m Your #1 Stalker.”

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.19.53 AM

1. Drew Chial is funny, talented, and charming. Also, his mom thinks he’s cute (allegedly). He writes fiction, screenplays, and has an incredible voice. Check out his blog for great audio treatments of his stories (voiced by himself) as well as insight into the writing process.

2. Nillu Stelter is a “pen for hire” with a beautiful relationship with the written word. On her blog, she talks about the process and working world of the writer. She also shares some fantastic fiction both on her site and on the FridayPhrases (#FP) hashtag each Friday.

3. Matthew Cambell Nicely‘s blog is a breath of fresh air. Although he presents his excellent fiction on his site, the real gem is his from-the-cuff blog which is honest, personal, and insightful. I love to read it when I need to hear a friendly and familiar voice.

4. Will Van Stone, Jr. is not only a very talented writer and artist, but an expert in the field of socially-prohibited language. His blog includes book reviews, art work, and several intriguing short stories.

5. Roger Jackson is the sweetheart of the #FP circuit. A talented and disturbing dark fiction writer, he has several full-length stories on his blog. He also has interviews, general musings, and multiple collections of his wonderful Twitter-length microfiction.

6. Cedrix Clarke is a pseudonym for some magical writer that I’m pretty sure is Batman. On his blog, he discusses the nature of the writer and shares his wonderful stories and poetry. He has also been featured as a guest writer for the FridayPhrases.com blog.

7. Callie Armstrong is a southern gal with a flair for the dramatic. With a fresh, honest perspective, she blogs about what it’s like being a writer trying to forge on despite the necessary difficulties of life. She has several wonderful short stories as well, and is an active contributor to the #FP community.

8. Georgia Bell is a writer, reader, and “naval gazer,” which I assume means that she likes belly buttons a lot. She blogs from the heart, sharing her experiences and thought about the writing process and how to achieve balance in her life.

9. Wisdom_e_less. I honestly don’t know this guy’s real name. Still, he makes me laugh with his hilarious Twitter feed and his blog is super-cool. He has some great short stories, some cool posts about writing, and some great links to other wonderful blogs.

10. James Breakwell (Exploding Unicorn) is hilarious and totally doesn’t need my recommendation. I give it here, anyway, with the hope that he might look down from the upper echelons of the Twitter Elite and pass a hand of approval over my lowly station. He blogs about everything from why Disney is the devil, to how to know if your babysitter is smoking crack. Don’t worry. She probably is.

11. Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) is another blogger that probably doesn’t need my vote sullying her reputation, but I’M GOING TO SULLY, DAMMIT. Her book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,”  is friggin’ hilarious, and is basically just her blog on steroids. She is super-popular, but that’s because she is super-amazing.

can't keep a Secret

What Are Seven Things That You Don’t Want to Know About Me?

1. Once, I went to a stock car race with my stilted Mormon friend and her family. It was the first time I had ever been to one and my parents weren’t there to tell me not to eat 4 bowls of racetrack chili. When I got home, I projectile vomited so hard that I might’ve detached my retina. Fin.

2. I’m YOUR stilted Mormon friend. I will not be taking you to the racetrack.

3. My passions include scratching itches, dipping things into Ranch Dressing, and sneezing. If you look at me when I’m sneezing, sneeze preemptively to be a dick, or think about me when I’m about to sneeze, you WILL steal my sneeze. My only choice will be to retaliate with violence.

4. I once at an entire jar of jalapeño peppers on a dare. I also drank the juice. Then, I chased it with a bottle of maraschino cherries. These are the kind of shenanigans you get into when you don’t drink, smoke, or stay out past 9:30pm.

5. I have a daughter, a husband, and a pug. Hence, my house smells constantly of farts and melting crayons.

6. I write words on paper for money. When I say it like that, it does sound rather lascivious, doesn’t it? I am a professional copywriter as of this moment, but my goal is to publish some of my dark fiction/horror stories and start working towards writing fiction for a living. At my current pace, I figure that my first book will be published on Xenon 12, and I’ll have a large fan base of Gruthilium.

7. When I was 19, I literally lost my mind for a couple weeks. Since then, I have had a very unique perspective on the universe. This includes really appreciating every moment of my life and generally ignoring what people think about me. I have managed living with Bipolar Disorder for over 14 years, without medication. I owe most of that to my mother who believes in miracles, and my Heavenly Father, who knew that I would be able to do more good alive than dead.

That’s pretty much it! Thanks to Amy for nominating me again, and all the wonderful bloggers out there who are making the Internet a fun and semi-informative place.


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  2. Suzanne VanDinter says:

    Willow is an inspiration! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us! I’m lucky to know you!

  3. Mom says:

    Reason number 7 leads to number 8. You are a terrific mom to my granddaughter. Energy burst forth when you walk into the room- the right kind that makes people feel good and want to be your best friend! I’m glad you are my friend as well as my daughter. It is wonderful to have a mutual fan club! Your right! The Lord saved you for something special – the icing on the cake! It is colorful, zany, and delicious!

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