Haunted Holiday Gift Boxes: Mother’s Treat


Nothing says love like a little bit of scary beneath the Christmas tree. This holiday season, give your favorite guy or ghoul a gift box from Weird Little Worlds Press. Each is custom designed to reflect the highest quality snacks, reads, and specialties.

The Mother’s Treat Box

This box will make Mother very happy this holiday season. With the award-nominated Mother: Tales of Love and Terror featuring the award-winning story “Fracture,” by Mercedes M. Yardley, Mother will love to curl up with the goodies in her special box and get as creepy as she wants to be this Christmas.

The Mother’s Treat Box includes:

  • Mother: Tales of Love and Terror (Paperback)
  • Weird Little World Scented Candle
  • Branded Sugar cookies
  • 3-Pack of Official Mother vinyl stickers
  • High-gloss signed and numbered “Mother” print
  • A Copy of the Horror Family Coloring Book
  • 2-pack of branded Weird Little Worlds Cookies
  • Festive Lindt chocolates
  • Gift wrapped box with spooky-themed wrapping paper
  • Personalized foil-stamped note to the recipient

Order before December 15th to ensure that your gift arrives in time for Christmas in the contiguous US States. Gift boxes traveling overseas are not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas due to international shipping and handling issues.