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Nail-biting. Heart-pounding. Love, death, and everything in between.

We are looking for stories that are juicy—full of plot and awesome. But that doesn’t mean we want to skimp on taste. Give us your gorgeous prose, your vast landscapes of wonder, and your characters that make us care. We want to be inspired by you, frightened by you, and forever changed by you. 

Submit if you dare. 

Open Projects


Weird Little Worlds Press is looking for contributors to its second Kickstarter science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthology. Bring your weird and help us tell the scariest and most interesting mother stories you’ve ever imagined.

Submission Details

There is no one with more power and control over the fate of the world than a mother. Whether it’s an evil stepmother or a virtuous mother-to-be, there are stories inherent in the acts of mothering and being mothered.

In these stories and poems, mothers become heroes and villains. The concept of motherhood is examined and stretched to its ultimate limits across time, space, gender, location, and concept. Deliciously dark, each tale forces us to examine the depth and breadth of what motherhood is and what a mother will do for her offspring.

With brand new work from:

Gemma Files • Donyae Coles • Brian Evenson

Ai Jiang • Sarah Read • Nadia Bulkin

John Langan • S.P. Miskowski • Shane Hawk

Steve Toase • Christina Sng • Steve Rasnic Tem

Hailey Piper • Gabino Iglesias • Mercedes M. Yardley

and many more

The Details:
Deadline: April 15 – June 1st, 12am Mountain Time
Length: 1000 – 5000 words
Pay: .05 
Poetry: $1 per line
Rights: We retain full print and audio rights of the story for 12 months after publication at which they revert back to you. This includes reprint permissions. 
Prose Format: Shunn Manuscript, ANONYMOUS SUBMISSION. All references to author name must be removed from submission. Not doing so will result in immediate rejection. Our form submission process allows you to provide your personal information and upload your submission. This includes a purposefully anonymous submission technique—do not include your personal information in your upload.
Poetry Format: Up to 3 poems may be submitted in a single document. Multiple submissions are not accepted. Poems must be 50 lines or less. Please do not include unique formatting at this time, but feel free to add an explanatory note if the final poem will require it. Unique formatting will not preclude your work from being chosen.


What we want: 

  • Something creative and fresh
  • Mothers as both villains and protagonists
  • Literary and engaging tales of scifi, dark fantasy, and horror
  • Crisp writing with all the fat cut away
  • Diverse voices of all backgrounds, nationalities, gender identifications, sexual orientations, races, religions, and cultures


What we don’t want: 

  • Fan fiction
  • Previously published stories
  • Boring monsters doing boring stuff
  • Excessive gore, sex, or swearing (we have a hard PG-13 bent, so we don’t HATE it, but it has to be pretty pertinent and defensible)
  • A narrative-disguised soap box — we aren’t your platform for preaching ANYTHING
  • Anything unedited. At least run it by another set of eyes before you send it.


Thank you for submitting! We look forward to reading your story or poem.


Up to 5k words

50 lines of poetry




.05 per word

$1 per line


Multiple Submissions



June 1, 2022

12am MT

Simultaneous Submissions