Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology

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From the scariest minds in horror today come 22 tales of how monsters are taking back their power in a world that desperately needs an inhuman intervention.

From violent tooth fairies and Twitter-addicted trolls to vengeful vampires and bittersweet Eldritch holiday, these stories of real-life monsters—both familiar and never-before-seen—will soothe the monstrous soul of every reader.

Because humans are the problem…and monsters are the solution you’ve been looking for.

Edited by Bram Stoker Award®-nominated editor, Willow Becker and Michael Cluff. Featuring “Poor Butcher-Bird,” by Gemma Files, included in “Best Horror of the Year,” edited by Ellen Datlow.

Also stories from:

  • Sarah Read
  • Michaelbrent Collings
  • Calvin Cleary
  • L.H. Moore
  • Philip Fracassi
  • Georgia Cook
  • Patrick Barb
  • John Langan
  • Gabino Iglesias
  • Auston Habershaw
  • Corey Farrenkopf
  • Leah Kaminski
  • T.J. Tranchell
  • Johnathon Mast
  • Gordon Linzner
  • Lisa Morton
  • Dominick Cancilla
  • J.H. Moncrieff
  • Christi Nogle

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Praise for Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology:

“Though I like some stories more than others, I would say every one has been excellent and fun to read. I wish more anthologies were put together this well.” Pizor T.

“This fun read, Humans are the Problem, contained stories from a few of my favorite authors currently writing in the horror genre, and a selection of tales written by new-to-me authors. Some stories were atmospheric and immersive (à la Langan), while others were short and punchy. Some were dark and violent, while others were whimsical and sweet. The common thread across the collection—Humans are the Problem.” J.W. D.

“This one earns a five. While not every story was a groundbreaking never forget one, not a weak story in here, not a one.” Paul W.