11 Weird and Hilarious Mother’s Day Gifts

April 21, 2022

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s kind of a big deal here at Weird Little Worlds Press. Why? Because we’re in the thick of our Kickstarter for Mother: Tales of Love and Terror, which ends on Mother’s Day—May 8th, 2022. Now, that might seem FOREVER away to you, but I promise that it’s not. In fact, if you haven’t thought at all about what you might get your mom this year, we have the perfect guide for that quirky, creative, and little bit freaky mother of yours.

11 Weird and Hilarious Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Custom Face Pillow

Selfie Pillow by Guava

Selfie Pillow by Guava, via Zazzle

Give her what she really wants, her kids or her grandkids exactly where she wants them. Sitting on the couch next to her all. the. time.

With this awesome customizable face pillow, you just upload your best selfie (or one of her dog or your spouse, whichever she loves better), and then she has a version of her favorite person that she can cuddle through every friggin’ episode of Call the Midwife.

2. Butterfly Mother’s Day Card

Tell me the lady in the glasses didn’t just see her life flash before her eyes.

Do you love your mom, but also love scaring the living crap out of her? This is the gift for you. It looks like a normal card. Smells like a normal card, but when your mother opens it up, a beautiful butterfly missile will be launched at her head going approximately light speed. Look at the GIF people. This is a memory just begging to be made.

3. Mom, You Were Right Candle

Perfect Match Shop via Etsy

Although it’s not for everyone, some of us at the incredible part of parenthood where we realize that our moms were actually pretty smart about a lot of things. This candle basically says it all. Have you suddenly understood the value of a 7pm bedtime for your kids? Are you realizing now how drinking all that water is actually making your life a lot better? It’s time for you to tell your mom that she was right.

4. Creepy Mother’s Day Cards


Is your mom a little bit creepy? Does she idolize Morticia Addams or attempt to sew buttons on your eyes? Never fear! There IS a perfect gift for her. Order in advance to get one of Ilan Sheady’s Horror Mother’s Day Cards. Inspired by Friday the 13th, Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Babadook, and more, it’s the perfect card for the perfectly macabre Mother’s Day surprise.

5. Catwoman Claw Gardening Gloves

Okay. So she loves to dig in the garden. But she also wants to be able to kill a man who messes with her petunias. Look no further than the Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves. Yes, they are very helpful for sifting dirt. But they’re also incredibly helpful for making sure the neighbor lady doesn’t hug her again without asking. Available in the colors Deadly, Nightmare, and Carnage. That’s purple, orange, and green to the layperson.

6. Taco Slippers

You wanted them, we made sure that they existed. Of course, slippers are a Mother’s Day staple. But this year, get her the slippers that really hit the spot. These taco slippers from Coddies are comfy, adorable, and don’t have the terrible body odor smell that comes with real tacos.

7. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

If you know someone who is not a mother yet, but soon will be, this is an excellent choice. Full of journaling prompts, word hunts, mazes, and hilarious pictures to color, this book from Jordan Reid and Erin Williams is the perfect book for someone who is willing to see the funny side of being an almost-mom.

8. Wine with a Little Stank on It

It takes a tough lady to be a mother. All that kindness and gentleness and patience can often go unrewarded, which is why Mother’s Day is so important in the first place. This year, however, give her a gift that really means something…specifically that she’ll be able to get a little sloshy and have a few laughs.

Enter the brilliant wine labels from the people over at The Ritzy Rose. With these very direct and hilarious phrases, you can turn any piece of crap bottle of wine that you just barely remembered to buy into a gift with foresight and fun.

9. Mother: Tales of Love and Terror

If you want to do a little bit of double duty, you can actually turn Mother’s Day into an awesome one both now and in the future. When you back the Weird Little Worlds Press Kickstarter for Mother: Tales of Love and Terror at the Mother’s Favorite level, you get a gift box full of goodies sent to your mother and a copy of the anthology for yourself. It’s a great way to celebrate your mom and also support one of the coolest anthologies of 2022. This gift includes Grifty Shades of Fey from Michael Cluff as well as cookies, a bracelet, and a hand-written note from you! Check it out here!

10. Fried Jewelry

It’s so cliche to buy jewelry for a mother on Mother’s Day. And yet, it seems to be a fall back for every child as the day looms closer. Avoid the expense of diamonds and pearls and get her something she’ll always remember—a dazzling necklace featuring an incredibly realistic piece of FRIED CHICKEN. You know. Just in case she forgets how much she loves you. And fried chicken.

11. Time-Saving Tee

We all know that Mom doesn’t really want to be bothered with your weird question about whether you can shave the cat for a science experiment. Save her the time by getting her this phenomenal t-shirt from IRISGOD. Pair this with a set of Bose noise-cancelling headphones and Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology and then she’s ready for a well-earned rest from annoyances for a while.

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