Playlist of the Damned Anthology Update

August 18, 2023

Creating a book from the beginning notes of an idea through to an orchestral masterpiece where dozens of different voices combine into something otherworldly is an amazing experience. We love the process and can’t wait for you to experience our latest creation. Here’s where we are in this wonderful process.

During the course of our submission call, Weird Little Worlds received over 500 stories and poems exploring hundreds of different aspects of deals with the devil, unearthly songs that were never meant to be sung, and subliminal messages causing murder and mayhem. Of those 500 entries, 50 made it to the final editorial board and went through rigorous screenings, multiple discussions, and more than a few debates until we made our final choices. We’ve found 10 short stories and 5 new poems with unusual and unique stories to tell that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

All of the rejection and acceptance letters have now been sent and contracts are being processed. We’re so grateful for everyone that shared a piece of themselves by submitting their work for consideration for this anthology. You guys rock and we wish all of you great success!

We’re also anxiously awaiting the first pieces of interior artwork that are expected to hit our inbox within the next couple of weeks. Things are really taking shape!

Watch our blog to see as we reveal each author who is joining our band for this epic anthology. You’ll recognize names like:

Linda D. Addison

Maxwell Gold

Eric LaRocca

Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito

S.P. Miskowski

Hailey Piper

Mercedes M. Yardley

And many more!

This is going to be one amazing anthology!

Fracture by Mercedes M. Yardley - Mother: Tales of Love and Terror

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