2023-2024 Publishing Season for Weird Little Worlds Press Announced

March 25, 2024

The darkness of winter is officially over and WLW Press has emerged from our chrysalis of reading, editing, and preparing for the next year of publishing at Weird Little Worlds Press. This year promises to be a very exciting one, with 8 new books set to be published over the next 12 months.

Playlist of the Damned: Soundtrack to Your Worst Nightmare

Deals with the devil, secret songs, and captivating chords are only part of the wicked fun in this anthology of more than 30 stories about the danger and beauty of music. Featuring new fiction by Bram Stoker Award®-winners Mercedes M. Yardley, Lisa Morton, Tim Waggoner and more. Each “track” of this musical journey will entrance, infect, and transport you to a dimension where music is more than sound…it’s a language spoken by the unspeakable.

Preorders open March 1, 2024

Available for general release on June 4, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-6-4

So You Want to Be a Mermaid…

This full-color fantasy takes readers of all ages on an adventure of imagination to the bottom of the ocean. Explore what it would be like to be a mermaid in this charming story about learning to separate imagination from reality and the value of loving the body you were born with. A perfect beach read for kids and kids at heart!

Preorders open April 1, 2024

Available for general release July 6, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-4-0

Things Below One Sheet

Things Below: Four Dark Fiction Novellas

What lies behind the wall, beneath the mountain, between earth and space, and beyond time? These four dark fiction novellas from J.D. Parenti, Yarrow Syskine, Mike Morgan, and Kerrigan Slaughter represent the best in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Adventure for the publishing year. With engaging, fast-paced storytelling, beautiful prose, and unsettling content, you will be hypnotized by all the things you didn’t know lurked…below.

Preorders open May 1, 2024

Available for general release August 15, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-9-5

Come Sing for the Harrowing: Stories by Dan Coxon

Strange rituals, analog rockers gone missing, an old woman large with child…this collection of the dark, strange, and macabre is the perfect way to spend the short days of October. Featuring six brand new stories from the award-winning editor and author Dan Coxon, this collection has been described by Bram Stoker Award®-nominated Eric LaRocca as, “Sinister and deeply affecting, Coxon’s remarkable collection is too compelling, too inventive to miss.”

Preorders open July 1, 2024

Available for general release September 5, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-1-9

Leto’s Legacy: Book 2 of the Leto Trilogy

When Ezrie discovers a plot to infect Earth with the same alien virus that killed her crew on Leto, she must enlist the help of an old friend and a group of radical hackers in order to stop the Living Waters cult from turning Earth into their doomsday paradise. But nothing is what it seems, and she finds herself trapped in machinations that are far more complex than any human could design.

Preorders open August 1, 2024

Available November 14, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-5-7

The Robots Were Right: Tales of Unstoppable Technology

With over 20 new tales of tech gone wrong, this anthology of science fiction, horror, and fantasy puts the future in the hands of the most compelling new voices in short fiction. From the award-nominated editors of Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology. Kickstarter opens April 18th. Submissions open May 1, 2024. 

Preorders open December 1, 2024

Available March 6, 2025

ISBN: 978-1-7378918-7-1



Fracture by Mercedes M. Yardley - Mother: Tales of Love and Terror

Rock Stars of Horror Collector's Cards

Limited edition art cards featuring never-before-seen stories from modern masters of horror.

Preorder Playlist of the Damned

Featuring award-winning authors, gorgeous art, and stories that will crawl inside your brain and never leave, Playlist of the Damned in the earworm of your nightmares. Featuring new stories by Gemma Files, Mercedes M. Yardley, Philip Fracassi, and more!

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