WLW Press Welcomes Author T.J. Tranchell as Blog Editor

August 3, 2021

Weird Little Worlds Press is proud to welcome T.J. Tranchell to our ranks of the strange and wonderful as the Editor of The Weird Word, our weekly blog. As an author and editor of dark and fantastical fiction, T.J. brings an awesome skill set and a great eye for high-interest content to the Weird Team.

T.J. has been a huge part of the WLW Press story, not only as one of the first featured authors for the Humans are the Problem: A Monster’s Anthology, but also acting as a part of the editorial team on the project. His insightful and helpful feedback made it clear that he has an eye for a great story, and the Weird Team snapped him up as soon as they could. In addition to work on the Weird Word, T.J. was also the co-editor of GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries, a dark fiction anthology from When the Dead Books.

In addition to being an author and editor, T.J. is a speaker, essayist, and college professor. He has published six novels, including “Cry Down Dark,” (Blysster Press, 2016) which the The New York Times included as one of the 50 Scares in 50 States alongside horror legends like Stephen King (Colorado) and Tananarive Due (Washington). He currently works at Columbia Basin College and is the New Author Development Coordinator of Blysster Press.

To learn more about T.J. and read his books, find them on Amazon or at Blysster Press.

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